Rocky Op:  Open Invitation Weekends

In alternating years, model railroad owners from Denver to the Wyoming border host a weekend of operations on their layouts.  This is  Rocky Op, and model railroad enthusiasts from around the country sign up and participate in the action.
RO 2005:  Quintin has is ready to drive engine No. 634 onto the turntable — something worth smiling about!
RO 2005:  Bill intently eyes the points as he lines the Prospect Jct. switch for his train's arrival at Denver Union Station.  His engine is barely visible below the station sign.
RO 2005:  Tom has drawn the Louisville turn.  He's almost done filling his hoppers with black diamonds at Hecla Mine — and then it's time to weigh them on the track scale at the south end of Louisville.
RO 2005:  Bob has some tricky uncoupling in mind on the Rice Yard turntable.
RO 2011:  Greg smiles as his work on the Valmont Turn is done.  Now he just has to get safely back to Rice Yard.
RO 2017:  Ken rolls Denver & Interurban commuter No. 304 down the siding at Fox.  Eric waits to resume Valley Local switching chores on the main track; his flagman did a fine job directing the priority train around the traffic.
RO 2017:  Rice Yard boomers Lenza and Chad keep the yard hopping under the guidance of C&S veteran yardmaster Whit.
RO 2017:  Veteran operator Jim switches the team track in Niwot with the Ft. Collins Local.  Let's hope that gasoline truck stays put.
RO 2017:  Jim has gotten to Boulder with the Ft. Collins Local, but his work in town grinds to a halt — Henry has just brought in a passenger train.  Engine Foreman Boras keeps his eye on the action in Rice Yard, though he enjoys the banter behind him.
RO 2017:  Bill guides his short freight as it drifts downgrade through Niwot.  The green order board indicates there are no orders for northbound trains.
RO 2017:  John has the southbound Denver & Interurban commuter rolling across the UP crossing at Ara.  He's about 40 minutes out from his arrival at Denver Union Station.
RO 2017:  Ted brings the northbound commuter to a station stop in Niwot.  A southbound through freight waits on the siding for the superior second-class D&I communter.  That Texaco truck is still sitting at the crossing.
RO 2019:  Greg prepares to bring No. 74 into Rice Yard while Yardmaster Steve readies counterpart No. 73 for departure on the Colorado & Southern Ry. Northern Division.
RO 2019:  Joe is happy to find opposing freight traffic waiting for him as he rolls through Prospect Jct. with passenger train No. 30, the Shoshone.